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The only fanlisting for "Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere" (for the Book and the TV Show) listed at the FanlistingsNetwork in the Literature and TV Show categories.

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Many thanks to Michi who let me adopt the fanlisting for the book.


This fanlisting was last updated 02nd June 2024 and has a total of 81 members from 24 countries with 24 waiting for approval.

The fanlisting for the TV Show Neverwhere was opened on the 1st April 2006. In July 2008 it was combined with the fanlisting for the book, after Michi was kind enough to adopt it to me. The book fanlisting was opened on the 25th March 2007. The overall growth rate for the combined listing is 0.01 members per day.

The fanlisting is maintained by Barbayat with the aid of Enthusiast, CodeSort, Fan Update and other sources.


15th February 2023
Re-added all the buttons and checked everything.

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